Light Brown Hair Color & Dye- Ideas and Tip You Must Know

Jun 28
light brown hair color ideas and tips

Fashion for women has never been simplistic. Men might claim that they love women when they are dressed in a simple way but trust me, they don’t like to be accompanied to a party of any public show when their lady is dressed casually and in the simplest way possible. As much as women flaunt their flawless styling, men also like to see women in their amazing selves.

For women, light brown hair color is something that makes a casual statement yet gives them a vogue appeal. Light brown hair on women looks super stunning. They are not exceptionally fancy and not at all simple.

If you simply wish to give a simple transformation to your overall look then nothing can be better than shading your hair brown. Research says that light brown hair dye is the most demanding hair color when it comes to women and their styled hair. Brown is a color that any woman can easily carry. That is why we are emphasizing on Brown to be the best color choice for women.

Light Brown Hair Colors- Highlights and Lowlights

Many people don’t understand the meaning of Highlights and the Lowlights. That is why I will give you a quick review on it. You can look exquisite in a simple hair cut as well with brown painted hair and by making a perfect combination of light and dark shades. You can then make hair dos or set them loose, every kind of style will look stunning. Highlights are always 2 tones lighter than the lowlights and the base color. Same way, the lowlights are 2 tones darker than the base color. I suggest you should consult a professional to paint your head brown.

20 Best light brown hair color ideas and Tips

Here we go, here are some of the ideal suggestions to make your hair look highly impressive with the brown effect.

1. Brown Blonde With Carefree Waves:

Brown Blonde With Carefree WavesSource

Well, this one is a perfect look for beach. With beautifully colored hair, you need to use barrel curling iron to create these magnificent waves. I suggest you should not disturb the natural dark brown color from the base and concentrate more on the upper hair with a lighter tone. It will look brilliant on a beach party or casual outing.

2. Ash Blonde Medium Hair Rockstar Look:

Ash Blonde Medium Hair Rockstar LookSource

It will come as no surprise that not every woman wants to go complete blonde. Sometimes you want to get a change and make your hair look a little darker. Ash blonde is like a middle step between brunette and blonde i.e. not completely brunette or blonde. You just have to try this look on a computer with graphic software before pulling it off in real.

3. Stunning Curls For Caramel Hair:

Stunning Curls For Caramel Hair

I must set an alert before you get impressed from the image above and dye your hair wrong. Caramel hair is not something that any woman can carry. It is a little off the shore and different color, ideally for highly fair women. With such gracious color, you can curl part of your hair, mostly the down tresses and pull off a spectacular party look.

4. Highlights and Straight Hair:

Highlights and Straight HairSouce

This might come to you as the most casual look to pull but its evergreen. Highlights and straight hair has huge history together. In such hair type, the highlights get envious depth. Pushing the color from the top of the hair and taking it all the way down as the color manage to get a grip on its true self, this looks simply spectacular.

5. Honey Style With Curls At The End

Honey Style With Curls At The EndSource

What could be better than vintage styling? Be it a party or casual office look, you can easily manage to wear honey styled lower curls. I would rather say that this will entice every viewer of your magnificent facade at any place.

6. Straight Hair With Cooper Look:

Straight Hair With Cooper Look

Straightened hair has the appeal to coordinate with many different kinds of looks. Mix it up with 90’s signature hair coloration that includes brown highlights with perfectly combed long straight hair. It will surely make everyone envy of your sheer perfection.

7. Yummy Chocolate Color Code With Limited Curls:

Chocolate Color Code With Limited Curls

I would suggest this look for a perfect party appearance. You cannot show off your signature looks on a casual day. It won’t make any difference when you want to make a noticeable appearance at a party. To be on a safe side I suggest you go with darker base and highlights. So, allow yourself to look like a diva with this gorgeous look.

8. Chestnut Sombre Curls:

Chestnut Sombre Curls

I cannot settle any less than a huge wow on this hair style. Chestnut color code has always been one of my favorites. You can pull it off perfectly with gracious middle sized curls. All I can say is that this can make an ideal casual look or with a little more styling, you can easily deliver a significant style in a party.

9. Smart Styled Streaks For Short Hair:

Smart Styled Streaks For Short HairSource

I won’t deny that this look can be perfect for women of all ages. But I personally like this hair style on the moms and grandmothers. I think, women with old age can pull it off in a more impressive way. If you have dry hair then I suggest that after getting the highlights done make sure you keep a constant usage of healthy hair oils.

10. Long Light Brown Hair and The Curls:

Long Light Brown Hair and The Curls

Do you want to take your light brown tresses to make your complexion look gorgeous and emphasize your eyes? This hair style is a great pick for you. It does not require any extra efforts as you just have to color your hair light brown and add simple and loose curls to finish the look.

11. Light Waves on Long Sombre Hair

Light Waves on Long Sombre HairSource

The messy waves are ideal for various kinds of hair dos. You can either let the hair slide down on you back with proud or you can tie them up in a pony tail or a magnificent bun. The choice is yours.

12. Caramel Hair With Dark Chocolate Roots:

Caramel Hair With Dark Chocolate Roots

This could simply look jaw dropping because the combination of caramel and dark chocolate is like made for each other. I personally quite appreciate unique hair styles and different colors. Perhaps, that is the reason for me to have a special eye on this combination.

13. Golden Cooper Braid Made Up Of Messy Strands:

Golden Cooper Braid Made Up Of Messy StrandsSouce

Styling for women hair is invincible. You can do just about anything to make your hair look gorgeous. Just like this amazing looking braid. I won’t say that this one is for your casual look but you can surely use it for some special occasions.

14. Short Red Highlighted Curled Hair:

Short Red Highlighted Curled Hair

In order to attain a perfect look, first you need to know that short hair can also look glamorous when you have dressed them up with long curls. They look significant for your day to day look. Also, to add to the oomph factor, it is suggested to use red highlights.

15. Go Soft Blondie:

Go Soft Blondie

What can be possibly better than soft and light curls to dress in? This is major for day to day look and makes your face look gorgeous. I personally like to carry this look as it is effortless and get gorgeously smudged with whatever kinds of attires you pick to wear.

16. Light Caramel Highlights:

Light Caramel Highlights

As delicious as it looks, you will find this style very fascinating. If you have once tried out this look then you cannot keep yourself away from it for a longer period. I personally approve it to be the best diva and dinner look for all women out there.

17. Creamy Delight:

Creamy DelightSource

Do you love keeping your hair look natural yet exclusive? Well, this is the look for you. As you can see, it is a latest trend in women hair colors and if you haven’t decided what to do yet then this is the color that you are looking for.

18. Golden Glaze:

Golden GlazeSource

To offer a radiant and rich look to your hair, no color can remotely match the elegance of golden highlights. It is perfect to make you look brilliant and different in a group of people, not to forget, gorgeously unique.

19. Golden Streaks:

Golden StreaksSource

Gold is the symbol of richness and a thing that is invincible. You cannot possible match the magnificence of golden color on your hair. If you wish to look amazing in a routine look, golden streaks are ideal for you.

20. Subtle Chestnut:

Subtle ChestnutSource

I am very fond of subtle looks, especially when the hair is colored with chestnut streaks. It not only emphasizes your overall look but also makes a divine appeal for any occasion type.

Come on woman, still tossing with the ideas on light brown hair color? I guess, your search should have ended by the time you have reached my good bye section here. Your strands are to show off your perfectly colored lowlights and highlights. You should utilize them in the best possible way. Pick any style based on your complexion and face look and rock the divine enchantment of your appeal.