3 Exercises to Lose Weight in 20 Days

Sep 24

The extremes of sedentary lifestyle and busy schedule pose a lot of health problems. Coupled with unhealthy diet, lack of proper exercise cause obesity and the train of lifestyle diseases attached to it.

Today, we’d like to recommend some exercises that are proven to deliver positive results to your weight loss program. It’s not as intimidating, and time consuming as the other routines out there- like Cardio Kickboxing, Power Yoga, and Pilates. But with daily commitment, these relatively easy exercises produce the same results.


1. Jumping Jack:

Jumping Jack illustration

This is a good exercise to begin your routine. A good warm up because it helps in loosening your muscles. This increases the heart rate and blood flow, thus a good cardiovascular exercise. Jumping jacks work the whole body: targeting the glutes, the Achilles tendon, the calf, and every muscle that helps cushion the body during the impact of jumping. In a 20-minute session, you can burn 200 calories!


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