How to make money online fast with best affiliate program

Aug 26

Know the best way to make money online fast-Affiliate Marketing/ Program

money-makes-you-happy-ftrSo you want to get started with internet marketing to make money online fast but you do not know where to begin. All of the gurus have different products and different methods and everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you something that they say will make you an overnight internet millionaire. Well don’t be fooled by anyone. There are only two ways to make money on the internet as an affiliate marketer which is by far considered to be the best method:

1) selling your own product and

2) selling someone else’s product.

So What will be the best option ?

Selling your own product would be the best option. You do not have to share any of your profits with anyone. To sell your own product you must have a product that is really going to add value to the people you sell it to. The fact maybe that there are even 100’s of products like yours on the market, so your product would have to stand out above the rest. If not, no one is going to buy it. Then when you have the perfect product you have to learn to market your product over the internet. After all the point is to get sells correct? So in order to sell your product you have to have a website that will convert and great content or a video, some type of sales copy that gets people to buy from you. On the back end you have to have a system in place that delivers this great product of yours to your customer and system to follow up with them. In the end your business will only succeed because of repeat business. You want to build a brand that keeps people coming back for more because they trust you to deliver a quality product or idea. Let’s face it, if you are new to internet marketing you probably do not have your own product to sell. You could waste a lot of money trying to create your own product.

Perfect for Newbie

If you are just starting out the secret to earning money online is promoting someone else’s product. That is what affiliate marketing is. To find a product that will convert well, you simply go to Clickbank and get registered and pick a product to promote. But wait! It really isn’t that simply. Choosing the right product is key, an information product like a course, software, or ebook will garner you instant profits.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that the product creator has already spent the money, time, and effort to create a quality product and in most instances it has been tested to convert well, because after all if the creator can’t get the product to convert they know their marketers won’t be able to. So usually you will earn a whopping 50% in commission and you have a high quality product that will convert visitors and subscribers into buyers.

You will repeat that system over and over again. That is in short how you make money online fast. The real secret is getting people to your website. So how do you get people to visit your new website so you can start converting them into profits for you?

Article Writing

You write an article about the product that you want to market and at the end of the article you give what is known as a call to action whereby the person is asked to click on a link that takes them somewhere like to your website or the affiliate link you get from Clickbank. If the visitor buy the product form your referred link, you get a commission.

Writing Reviews

You can create a niche site that reviews a particular product with different web posts and inside your review you place  links to the product that leads to your affiliate link. They buy from referral again you make commission. You can use WordPress, bloggerhubpages, squidoo, tumblr, or some other platforms to make free niche sites.

List Building:

Seasoned affiliate marketers build list. They build list by creating a squeeze pages or a landing pages. These pages get people to subscribe or become your subscriber so you have a way to market to them later. You will build a list of people that you can regularly email products to. If you promote just the product and make a sell you will make some money, Yes if they purchase through your affiliate link you will make a commission, but if you send them to a landing page or squeeze page first then you will capture their email address before the sale so you can market similar products to them later.

What others ?

Social media marketing  Like facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit,  Stumbleupon, Linkedin are very effective and fee traffice methods. Youtube is considered to be the second largest search engine which can generate thousands of organic traffic for free. You can even generate organic traffic from major search engines like google, yahoo or bing by doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is most effective but effortsome.

Paid advertising is also a great souce of generating traffic like, PPC, PPV, CPM, Media buy and some  other sources. You might find so many ad companies to advertise with in google search but getting the best one is the deal. Therefore you have to go though different reviews about those ad networks in warriorforum, Blackhat forum, or some other forums, you may even find reviews in google search.

(You have a good opportunity to learn all these traffic generation systems and making money with these traffics.Just see the CB Passive Income FREE Training system below)

Let me make sure you got that:

  • You need a website that is professional enough so that it attracts people to subscribe.
  • You need to capture your customer’s information so you can sell to them again.
  •  You need a high converting product.
  •  You need an automated way to deliver your product.
  • You need people to visit your website. Rinse and repeat.

The last part of the equation is marketing to your subscriber later. People will tell you in order to be successful in affiliate marketing is to have a huge list. Having a huge list is great but it is more about the relationship you have with your subscribers. If you have great rapport with your customers then they will trust you when you want to sell them some product.

Still don’t know where to start?

What if you could do all of this automatically on autopilot without a lot of work? You won’t need your own product, you won’t have to write articles or reviews, you won’t even need to pay for an auto-responder or capture our customers email address on your squeeze page. It is possible with CB Passive Income FREE Training system, you can duplicate the entire affiliate marketing system to work for you on autopilot, all you have to do is, to generate traffic (you will be trained ) and give away a free report  (will be given to you for free) so that your traffic converts into subscriber. Follow ups and converting your subscriber into buyer  is the responsibility of CB passive income system Team. You will generate commission once any sale is made from the follow ups/promotions conducted by the system.


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