How To Make Your Period Come Faster- 10 Risk Free Ways

May 21
How To Make Your Period Come Faster- 10 Risk Free Ways featured image

It is always so annoying that every time whenever there is a special event, the periods come. It is like an internal alarm that spoils all the charm of every occasion. That is why every woman follows the same questions- How to make your period come faster? Periods are trailed by high degree of pain and restlessness. That is why to attend an event, it is important that you are not accompanied by periods. However, there are women who say that they don’t feel any pain but the restlessness and irritation remains there.

So you want to know about the solutions by which you can get the periods before the actual date? Yes, this can happen. There are certain simple remedies that can be done if you want to play with your periodic cycle and want them to come faster. In this way, you can get free by the time the event arrives and it is a win-win situation for you.

How To Make Your Period Come Faster

There are certain causes that make your periods come earlier than usual. Sometimes, the situation goes opposite and you find yourself looking for how to make your period come. It depends upon hormonal changes in the body. With every girl, these changes play different roles. For some, periods come early whereas for others, they take huge gaps between first periodic cycle and the second one to happen.

There are many reasons that can cause changes in periodic cycle. It could be the stress or if you are expecting to be pregnant, it can cause delayed periods. Mostly the menstrual cycle takes 28 to 32 days to complete the circle and repeat after a month time. So if there is an event waiting up for you then how to get your period faster, this is the question that every woman searches for. So there are certain things that can help in making it possible. Let’s explore a few:

10 Risk Free Ways On How To Get Your Period Faster

So I have jotted some great ways on How to make your periods come fast. We will take a look at each aspect one by one in detail. So shall we start?

1. Contraceptive Medicines:

Medicines for making your period come faster

I want you to listen to me first before you say- What the hell! Mostly according to the conventional thinking, women think that contraceptives only help in escaping pregnancy. But another advantage of these medicines is that by consuming these, you can get your periods faster. Also because of the change in hormones after you take these medicines, you can expect your periods to be less troubling and painful. It is suggested that women below the age of 35 should consumes these medicines. Also if your body is reactive and not every med suits you, it is recommended that you should take it with prior prescription of your doctor.

2. Food Rich With Vitamin C:

food rich with vitamin c for making your period come faster

Did you knew that food items that are rich in Vitamin C can accelerate your menstrual cycle, allowing your periods to come faster. If you want to follow the healthiest on how to start your period or how to make your period come faster than consuming vitamin C rich food is the best alternative. But before you make your mind about vitamin c, always remember that overdose of this vitamin can also cause problems for you. The progesterone can be derived with the vitamin c that causes early periods. You are suggested to take as much water as you can while you are taking Vitamin C.

3. Evergreen Exercise:

Evergreen Exercise to make your period come fast

Women that are more certain about their exercise gets their periods on appropriate dates. Due to routine exercising, the body not only stays fit but also the internal stimulation keep the menstrual cycle constant on its dates. But if you want early periods than aerobics or abdominal exercises are best suited for that. Aerobics and abdominal exercises contract the stomach muscles, making path for the blood to flow. This can result in having early periods. That is why this is another efficient way on how to make your period start.

4. Keep Stress At A Distance:

Keep yourself stress free to make your period come fast

When you take a lot of stress, it can result in two kinds of affects on your menstrual cycle. You can either get them early or they can be delayed. This certainly depends upon your body and how it responds to stress. Remember the simple exercise: breath in breath out? This is what is recommended to you when you are stressed. It will keep you away from redundant mood swings and boost positive air inside your body. Thus you can expect timely periods and stay happy and healthy. When you are totally stressed free, you can also expect your periods to come early.

5. Increased Body Heat:

take a hot bath for making your period come fast

This one is quite scientific and also highly effective way on how to make your periods come fast. For this, you can either try a hot bath or use the heating pads. The heat when enter inside your body will relax the abdominal muscles. It will eventually lead to dilate the blood vessels that will lead to draining of the uterus. It will also help in shedding of the uterine linings. This way, you can expect your periods to hit faster than expected time. But these methods can only be used when the weather is pleasant.

6. Food Factor:

How to maker your period come faster-Food Factor

Women don’t take right diet and that also becomes a reason for delayed periods. If at some moment of time, you want your periods to come fast, you need to take good care of your diet. However, women do not give much heed to this factor whereas it has to be provided sufficient attention. You need to limit the intake of sodium in your food. Other food items that are recommended to you are spinach, apricot, carrots, papaya, pumpkins, etc. because all these food items are rich in carotene. Also if you eat red meat then it can also become a cause of early periods.

7. Sex Therapy:

how to make your period come faster sex therapy

If you want to follow the safest way on how to make your periods come fast then sex is the option that you will enjoy following. The sexual intercourse stimulates the flow. You have to educate yourself a little bit scientifically. You see after sex, the vagina relaxes and it results in explicitly triggering of the uterus’s inner linings. For menstruation, it is necessary for the cervix to soften down. And after sex, the cervix softens enough to trigger menstruation. So this leads us to the safest and most enjoyable way to initiate periods before time.

8. Ginger Tea:

Ginger Tea for making your period come faster

Still struggling on how to get your period? Ok, let’s study another important aspect. When the expected week of your periods begins, you need to start taking strong ginger tea, at least 2 cups in a day. Ginger tea has magical effect on your body and it targets the hormones that initiate menstruation in the body. By consuming Ginger Tea twice in a day, you can get your periods few days earlier than its scheduled date. But make sure, Ginger Tea can cause hot flashes or restlessness in your body. Other than that, this is a natural remedy on how to make your periods come fast.

9. Weight Maintenance:

Weight Maintenance for making your period come fast

You might have been learning on how by maintaining body weight can keep you away from many troubles. But did you knew, weight maintenance also effects your periods hugely. It is considered that women with huge amount of fat cells in their body have more estrogen circulation. At the same time, women with skinny body have less estrogen running in their body. So you need to maintain your weight if you want to have early periods. It seems easy but maintaining your weight is something that needs a lot of strength. If you take care of your body then you can expect easy initiation of periods.

10. Think More:

Think more to make your period come

The more you think about periods, the more will be the chance to get them faster. That is why it is suggested for you to think about the periods as much as you can, if you want them to arrive before time. If you are thinking about the simplest way on how to make your periods come fast, then I would suggest that this is the method that will be very effective. Just before you are expecting your periods to arrive, start thinking about them in your free time. As much as you will think about it, it will be expected to appear soon.


So ladies, you no more have to be worried about how to make your periods come fast because all the above mentioned methods will help you effectively. If you don’t want to harm your body at all then you can always use the organic and safe methods like thinking, having sex, weight maintenance, etc. for the purpose. I will suggest you to try out these methods once and share your experience with us in the comment section below.