What Does it Mean When you dream about someone-Best Meaning of Dreams

Jun 17
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Your dream is the explosion of your subconscious mind to analyze situations and work out solutions for your daily life. The happenings of the day are put together in a random manner by our mind that results in a dream and sometimes the dreamer wants to unlock the cryptic meaning of these strange dreams.

The Dream meanings could be variable, and we will now interpret that what does it mean when you dream about someone, someplace or a situation. A person could wake up sad, happy, worried or nervous, due to the respective dream.

Have you ever got up and wondered.”What does my dream mean? ”, then you are not the only one. Every person dreams each night, some are significant enough to be remembered, others fade away from the dreamers memory. Some people experience recurrent dreams on certain issues.

Psychologists say that dreams have a certain meaning and give their respective analysis on these dreams. Experts advise people who experience weird and interesting dreams frequently to maintain a journal to note their dreams so that they can study them and establish a definite correlation.

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Dream meanings about someone you love

Dream meanings about someone you love

Dreaming about a lover could signify the intensity and the bond between the two partners. People could also dream about their lover, if there is a growing discord or disagreement between the two. Some people often dream of their partners cheating on them, but it does not necessarily replicate a real life situation, it is just that if we feel emotionally attached to a person, the mind explores different possibilities. If a person strongly connected with an ex, it might not be surprising to dream about them.

Meaning of dreams about someone’s death

Meaning of dreams about someone’s death

Dreaming about death could mean negativity and hopelessness in life in fact, dreaming about the death of a beloved one is a way of releasing the pent-up emotions. Some people experience precognitive dreams. Yes, it has been found that some people have dreamt of their deaths in advance.

Well, scary it is! But dreaming about death does not only correspond to the end of life. In fact, it could signify the end of all bad happenings and experiences, and indicate a new beginning, or the start of a new journey.

What do dreams about family members mean?

What do dreams about family members mean

We often dream of our family members, ones whom we are close to and it could indicate that we miss them if they are not around or that we are deeply in love with them. Some people have dreamt of ailing, sick or dying family members, which simply mean that we are extremely attached to them and are fearful of losing them.

Dreaming about your mother could indicate a variety of things. For e.g. you could still be dependent on your mother for emotional support or advice. You have not fulfilled your duties for which your mother beckons you or just some unsettled matters that have lingered between your mother and you.

What does it mean if you dream about someone you work with?

What does it mean if you dream about someone you work with

A dream about your workmate could be a self-analysis about yourself. You could be seeing your own image in that colleague and hence, dream about him. Your achievements, downfalls, and hard work could all be reflected in your dreams where you see that person instead of yourself. It is also an indicative of where you want to see yourself in life. It could be a negative, positive or neutral. But it clearly indicates that somewhere in the sub-conscious mind that person has some connection in the dreamer’s life.

Some more examples of dream meanings

what does my dream mean

Dreams about clouds

Clouds hold moisture and seeing them in your dreams could reflect hidden and suppressed emotions that are ready to burst out. They could indicate a whole array of emotions like the dark clouds represent sorrow and suppressed emotions about someone. Bright and fluffy clouds reflect positivity and good health. It shows a positive state of mind.

Dreams about flowers

Blooming flowers represent growth, development and happiness. It is a sign of hope as life begins as the flower grows from the bud to a full blooming flower. Dry and wilted flowers, on the other hand, represent the completion of a cycle, a chapter of our lives. Blossomed flowers also represent good health and promising attitudes.

Dreams about a forest

This could indicate a vast area of your mind that is wandering and has unresolved issues. A forest symbolizes vision, darkness, shadows and experiences that we encounter in life. A forest fire indicates ill health and a thick green forest indicates happiness and prosperity. It reflects the faith in the lord above and signifies his beautiful creations. It also indicates the vastness of life and the long journey ahead of us.

Final words

What do dreams mean? Various dreams have different meanings. But have you ever wondered why a person comes in your dream and what does it mean when you dream about someone? It could be love, concern, fear, repentance, or hatred. And sometimes, it is nothing at all. It is just a reflection of how you want to see yourself in life.

People dream of anything and everything from food to mountains, water, teeth, babies or people. If these dreams become disturbing, the help of an expert can be taken. But even in that case, it is only the dreamer who can tell the exact correlation of the dream with his real life.

At times, there are incomplete desires in life that can seek completion only in a dream. Some people get premonitions in their dreams about impending happening or events that could befall a person in future, and act as warnings. For e.g, dreaming about getting lost in a jungle could possibly mean that the dreamer has taken the wrong path in life, and therefore, a change of action is required.