6 Mistakes That You Should Avoid If You Have Acne

Mar 03
Mistakes That You Should Avoid If You Have Acne

Acne is the most prevalent skin disease among the people of all ages. Nearly everyone gets acne at some point of their lives for either doing or not doing something. Acne causes red spots or blackheads on your skin and it occurs when your pores and follicles become clogged with oil or dead skin. This results in the development of spots (pimples) on the face, neck, shoulders, back, and chest ruining your beauty and complexion.

Since acne is an unbearable condition, people try to find cures and use remedies for acne on their own. As a result, people usually end up making mistakes and develop some common habits that may seem harmless, but they are unaware that they ruin their skin and make it even harder to get rid of acne. It is very important that you have the right knowledge about how to deal with acne. You can get guidance from the best dermatologist in Lahore for acne via marham.pk

If you are prone to acne or already suffering from it, here are six mistakes that you should avoid in any case:

1. Popping the nodules

Pimples destroy the complexion and look of your face and no one can resist an ugly pimple on their face. The urge to pop the pimples is something most people are unable to bear and resist. However, dermatologists strongly suggest not to pop the pimples because it prolongs the healing process and also leads to scarring. Therefore, popping is something you should never do and wait for your pimples to go away.

2. Not washing your face:

If there’s one important thing that you need to be consistently doing if you have acne, that is cleansing your face regularly. It doesn’t matter how tired or busy you are, you should wash or cleanse your face every evening before going to bed if you want to get rid of acne. If you don’t wash your face, all the sweat, makeup, and sebum will clog into your pores leading to more acne breakouts.

3. Dirty pillowcases

Your pillow is an infrequently mentioned and unnoticed cause of acne. If you don’t change your pillow case, it will eventually carry all the dirt from your hair and lead to the accumulation of bacteria. If you are prone or exposed to acne, you have to be extra careful and vigilant about anything that may spread bacteria to your face. Make sure that you change your pillowcases regularly and keep them clean.

4. Using dirty makeup brushes:

Well, women love to wear makeup but how often do they clean their makeup brushes? They are used on daily basis and never cleansed. These dirty brushes instead of playing any part in enhancing your beauty transfer bacteria to your skin causing breakouts. Therefore, make sure to keep your makeup brushes clean.

5. Not cleaning your phone’s screen:

You might not pay attention towards this, but your phone screen has a direct impact on your skin. It is something that you touch the most in your day. Your phone gathers lots of bacteria which is then transferred to your skin when you touch it. You should make a habit to keep your phone’s screen clean so that it doesn’t ultimately act as a cause for acne.

6. Touching your face regularly:

Some people are in a habit of unnecessarily touching and rubbing their faces from time to time. Your hands in daily routine pick germs from various surfaces and when these germs are transferred to your skin, your acne gets worse leading to more breakouts. You should avoiding touching your face unnecessarily.

Yes, acne puts you in a troublesome situation where you want to get rid of this condition quickly and are willing to do anything but using your own sense and not being careful about it further complicates the problem and worsens the acne. The best option for you to is to get proper medical treatment and help from an authentic and qualified doctor who will treat you according to your problem. You can get help from the best dermatologist in Karachi or in other cities via marham.pk.