9 Unique Multitasking Tricks to Increase Productivity

Apr 25
Unique Multitasking Tricks to Increase Productivity

Do you feel totally submerged under so much work that it becomes hard to breathe? Are you compromising with the quantity of work with the quality?

Well, often we have more in our plate than we can digest. But, these 9 tricks will show you how you can maintain productivity. Especially when you are multitasking.

You can bring down the deficient in the quality. Follow these steps and you’ll see that productivity will be your second nature.

So, without wasting more words, let’s jump into the tricks.

1. Make Draft and Plan Ahead

Delayed planning is one of the main reason of rushed work. Things get more complicated when you have to do everything at the last moment. So, you should always try to plan ahead to get everything in order.

You can make a draft and make changes in the note later on. It will also help to add or reduce things from the actual work. Plus, it will take the pressure off from you. You will already know what you have to do so there is less uncertainty.

2. Break Down the Works

Make several blocks of your works and separate them properly. Put similar works in the same block. This will allow you to have better control over the works. Plus, you can also complete the same kinds of work on one go.

You can either break down the work based on time or type. If you use the time frame then pay attention to how you can complete the similar works within the time frame.

But, you can also use the type frame. Then you should consider how you can complete similar works simultaneously.

3. Keep Track of the Adjustments

It is always advisable to keep track of any adjustments that you make to the work. It helps you identify the causes behind the success or failure of the task. So, use a planner and keep a record of adjustments on the go.

You should track down the adjustments made. Plus, you should find out how much changes these adjustments are bringing. So, you will have complete control over your tasks. This, in turn, will accelerate productivity.

4. Assign Work to the RightPerson

This might sound easy, but it is actually a very tricky part of the productivity channel. You have to look at the human resource that you have on your hand. Look at their performances and select the specific person for specific tasks.

It allows you to get more productivity. Plus, it also gives your employee more authority for that task. This is great for maintaining order and balance inside the organization. Plus, you can hold a specific person responsible for the failure or success of a task.

5. Use Multiple Sources to Get the Work Done

Do not depend solely on your organization’s employee. Sometimes you have to look beyond to get more output from less input. So, you should use every source that you can find that allows you to have more productivity.

You can easily go on outsourcing. There are cheap ways to get your work done by a professional. Use Apps, outsourcing, freelancers and other alternatives if needed. Be sure to use the right gadgets to get your work done as well. This not only saves you more money but also gets them done on time.

6. Stop. Evaluate. Act

A good chef never cooks the whole dish and then checks for flavors. So, just think like a chef while dealing with multiple tasks. Have a planned stoppage in your work. Then go back and check for performance. Set a standard before and evaluate the whole thing according to the standard.

Take corrective actions if you do not meet the standards. Find out the reasons for the gap and get it solved. But, carry on the tasks if the performance level is satisfactory. It reduces the costs of correction and brings more productivity.

7. Replace Directing with Overlooking

You have to understand that you cannot direct everything personally when you have a lot of work. So, you have to give some authority and responsibility to your subordinates. Give them the instruction to complete the work and freedom to work on their own.

But, at the same time, you must overlook the progress from time to time. It will make the employees more engaged and you can have some control. It is a proven way to fetch more productivity. Plus, it lets your employees grow as well.

8. Construct a Time Frame for Work

It is always imperative to have a time frame when you are working with too many elements. Make a chart and assign time for each work. Consider their durations, complexities, deadlines and other elements to set the time. It will help you to set priorities and you can start the work on time.

Have a time frame and try to stick to the time frame. But, at the same time – keep some room for flexibility as well. There are some uncontrollable elements that might be on your way of productivity. So, it is always better to have some flexibility.

9. Always Have a Contingency Plan

You cannot control every aspect of your tasks. There are internal and external elements that are out of our reach. So, in case things go awry – it is always better to have a contingency plan.

It helps you to meet any future deadlines. Plus, it makes your performance more consistent. You should consider some feasible scenarios and develop good contingencies.

10. Use Sophisticated Equipment to Get Things Done

Getting the cutting edge technology by your side is always a plus. It helps you to stay ahead in life. So, try to get equipment that is easy to use and have multiple varieties. Such as usb powered monitors, pocket hard disks, Bluetooth connectivity and so on.


So, these are your shortcuts to keep multitasking without compromising with quality. Following these will help you to gain productivity and consistency in your performance. Let us know how it goes in the comment section below… until then, hasta la vista!