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Apr 25

9 Unique Multitasking Tricks to Increase Productivity

Unique Multitasking Tricks to Increase Productivity

Do you feel totally submerged under so much work that it becomes hard to breathe? Are you compromising with the quantity of work with the quality? Well, often we have more in our plate than we can digest. But, these 9 tricks will show you how you can maintain productivity. Especially when you are multitasking. […]

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Dec 09



All year long we wait for Christmas. It’s the season of mercy, love, family reunions, presents, the Home Alone movie marathons, and finally spreading happiness. Christmas shopping on the other hand, however, is a completely different affair altogether. Some get super excited, they love buying gifts for their family and friends, take special care in […]

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Jun 28

Cute Relationship Quotes to Share with Your Beloved One

Cute Relationship Quotes to Share with Your Beloved One- featured image

Love is an amazing feeling. I remember when I first felt love, it was magical. Suddenly, the whole world starts to appear special to you and you can’t stop smiling when you think of them. Often, this makes you feel like finding romantic things to say to your partner or cute relationship quotes to share with […]

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Jun 26

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Couples

good night quotes featured image

Being in a relationship brings a lot of responsibilities, every day. Night is the most intimate time for lovers, but for those who are spending their nights far away from each other, quotes can keep the flames of love burning between you. After a long hectic day, it’s beneficial to have a nice talk with the love of […]

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Nov 17

12 Things People Who Are Happy Do Differently

8 Things You Should Remember When It All Goes Wrong

Sonja Lyubomirsky, a positivity psychologist, conducted studies that showed 12 things people who are happy do differently in order to improve the level of happiness in their lives.  These are actually things we can all do to make our lives happier and we can start doing them today. 1. Show Gratitude When you are grateful […]

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