Questions to ask a Girl-Good way to discover Your Girlfriend

Jun 22
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Making a conversation is an art. It needs 2 people with different interests. When you make conversation, you basically take a sneak peek in their life, discover their tastes and preferences and understand their basic nature. What questions to ask a girl is a completely important thing. If you don’t know the kind of question you need to ask then you will never be able to make healthy conversation.

There are brilliant questions to ask your girlfriend that will entice her interests. Other than that, if you have just started to get to know a girl, you can find here some best questions to ask a girl. Girls have varied tastes and interests, but these questions will certainly help every man to get to know a girl well.

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Questions To Ask A Girl

questions to ask a girl

When your friendship is new and you have just started to open up with a person, there are plenty of things to talk about. It is especially in case of girls as you can talk to them on just about anything. Remember, girls love to chat. So there are many things to ask a girl that can help in initiating a conversation.

However, Guys if you don’t understand what to talk to your girlfriend anymore, Your are about to discover some fantastic things to talk about with your girlfriend in a while.

Let’s now get straight into the Questions to ask a girl:

What are your skills that you are proud of?

This question will help you taking a sneak-peek in the kinds of interests that she might have. Skills and hobbies tell a lot about a person. So, you will be able to know whether she is ideal for you or not.

Who was your favorite childhood cartoon character?

Well, if you are struggling with questions to ask a girl and want to know her better, then this question will surely work. See, we all were big fans of cartoon characters in our childhood. You can expect a prompt reply on this one.

Tell me the best gift you have ever received?

Women have the tendency to cherish her memories and the best things that have happened to her. She will surely get back to you on this with a wonderful answer.

Who is your favorite person in the world?

Well, in order to know her better, this question is very important. This will make you understand about the person to consider the most, if you want this girl in your life.

What kind of a person you think you are?

Well, what could be better than getting a summary on the girl you want to date? She will tell you about herself in nut shell and then you can see whether or not she is ideal for you.

What is the closest possession you have in your life?

Closest possessions are not only the things that people love but the major significance goes to the person who gave you those possessions. So, this is one of the best questions to ask a girl to get to know her.

Which is that one thing that you would like to grab if your house is on fire?

Again, it is a very interesting question to ask a girl. Of course, you would like to pick the thing that is closest to you. It will tell you about the things she admires and love the most in her life.

What qualities do you want in your boyfriend?

This is again a very direct question. Among the best questions to ask a girl, this one definitely stands at a key place. Whatever she says will give an instant mental exercise on whether or not you befit her requirements.

What is your dream vacation destination?

To know the romantic or adventurous side of the girl you fancy, it is important to know the kind of destinations she enjoy visiting. This will tell you better about where you should take her when you want to take a holiday together.

What are your dream career choices?

Women today are highly ambitious. Thus, it is important for you to know about what she wants to do with her life.

Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

questions to ask your girlfriend

Once she is your girlfriend, most of the men start losing interest in the talks. This becomes a cause of disagreement among the couple. Women never consent with their men to not have anything to talk with them. As important as it is to maintain grace in your relationship, here is some great things to ask your girlfriend.


What kind of wedding do you want?

Girls start thinking about the wedding soon after getting into a relationship. Ask her such questions and allow her to take you to her ideal land of perfect wedding.

Do you ever think about me when you are at work?

The answer to this questions will give a huge insight whether she is completely into your or not. Girls deeply in love with her significant one tends to remember him all the time, no matter she is at work.

How would you like to celebrate our anniversary?

Well, an ideal anniversary celebration idea is something that is hard to plan. But how about you ask the girl in a normal conversation and store the idea in your mind.

What are your expectations from this relationship?

Expectations are very important to be known because this will illustrate the kind of things that she will agree or disagree with.

How did you felt when I first kissed you?

First kiss is the best experience. So, if you want to make a conversation, go ahead and ask her this question.

How comfortable you are with me?

Your comfort level defines the kind of future you can have with your partner. It is indeed necessary.

What is your wildest fantasy about me?

A real man try to do all it takes to make her all fantasy come true. You better try to find out those while having a normal conversation and execute them on the right time. She will definitely love your effort.

Am I the person with whom you would like to spend your life with?

This question is rather very important. You have the right to know what exactly she feels about you.

Do you think you will understand if I am horny and ready to make out?

This is rather naughty and you must be tossing around to know about its answer. This will tell you how comfortably she knows you.

What is your idea of love?

In a relationship, it is very important to know on how your girl thinks about the relationship. It will give you an insight on the kind of relationship she wants.

Good Questions To Ask A Girl

good questions to ask a girl

You have to be very careful before talking to a girl, especially if you want to create an impression. That is why I have compiled a set of good questions to ask a girl that you have crush on. These questions will help you in making quick and interesting conversations with a girl.


What is more important to you, money or relationships?

A girls’ nature describes a lot about her as she opens her mouth for an answer. So, be very careful about what she says and then make your mind about her.

How comfortable are you with the changing environment?

I would say that this question is also important. Our environment is in a bad shape and answer to this question will tell you if she is willing to take any step about it or not.

What are the major changes that you want in your life?

There are certain things that we want to change about ourselves and around. So, answer of this question will give you an idea about the perfect life she wants.

Is there anything in life that you don’t want to change at all?

This will tell you how constant she is in her life.

Have you ever done something that you are most embarrassed of?

Usually people are reluctant to share their embarrassing moments with everyone except very closed one. My friend, you are one of those very close person of her life, if she is comfortable in sharing her embarrassing moments.

How often do you shout at people?

LOL! This one is rather funny because she might not tell you if she shouts on people or not. But trust me if she is honest about it, she is really being comfortable with you.

How much do you think you can bear before you burst out on someone?

It will tell you about her patience level. You can prepare yourself for the future if you know the answer to this question.

What kind of people do you like to spend time with?

We only like spending time with people who we like. Ask her this question and know if she counts you among those people.

What kind of people do you dislike the most?

Every person has a certain kind of taste. This will help you understand about the kind of people that she can’t stand in her life.

Do you want to be famous or rich?

Well, it will give you an insight on whether she is money minded or she just wants to earn a name for herself.

Some more Short Questions to ask a girl:

20 Questions To Ask A Girl

20 questions to ask a girl

  1. What school did you go?
  2. How do you like to spend your weekends?
  3. Are you a party person?
  4. Do you like chatting a lot?
  5. What kind of vacation getaways do you like?
  6. Do you have any secret skill that you don’t share with people?
  7. Who was your crush in the school time?
  8. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  9. Do you enjoy sports activities?
  10. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  11. Do you like meeting new people and making a lot of friends?
  12. How do you think you can describe yourself best in one word?
  13. Do you have any weakness?
  14. What are your strengths?
  15. Do you like reading news and keeping check on current affairs?
  16. Do you like cooking?
  17. What are your hobbies?
  18. Have you ever been to abroad?
  19. Do you enjoy going to clubs and discos?
  20. Do you like reading books? If Yes, who is your favorite author?

21 Questions To Ask A Girl

21 questions to ask a girl

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  1. Is there anything that you want to do since you were a child?
  2. Which is the favorite food joint where you wanted to dine?
  3. How would you like your wedding to be?
  4. Do you believe in paranormal activities?
  5. Do supernatural things fascinate you or you just think of them as a myth?
  6. Which is your favorite animal that you would love to pet?
  7. Is there anything about you that you are proud of?
  8. How many siblings do you have and who is the closest to you?
  9. Which is the happiest memory of your life?
  10. Is there anything that you did and you still feel embarrassed about?
  11. How many friends do you have?
  12. What is your relationship with your friends?
  13. Are you more like a family person or you like spending your time with your friends?
  14. What kind of blogs do you like to read?
  15. What was your dream job?
  16. How do you define yourself as a person?
  17. Is there anyone in the world whom you dislike the most?
  18. Name one person who is closest to you?
  19. Who do you think inspires you the most?
  20. Do you like dominating people and taking decisions on their behalf?
  21. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Random Questions To Ask A Girl

random questions to ask a girl

  1. What are the things that you like the most about yourself?
  2. Who do you think you love more, your family or your friends?
  3. Share your best vacation experience with me?
  4. What kind of boy would you like to date?
  5. What are your expectations from your future partner?
  6. What kinds of gifts do you like receiving?
  7. What is your happiest childhood memory?
  8. What is that one thing which makes you sad?
  9. Is there anything that you like to do in your free time?
  10. Is there any place in the world where you feel yourself the happiest you can ever be?

Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl

interesting questions to ask a girl

There are a lot of interesting things you may want to know about a girl. We have just listed few interesting questions below that will help you discover more about her.

  1. What are your ambitions in life?
  2. At what age would you think that you are ready to get married?
  3. Which Vampire Diaries character would you want to date?
  4. Do you believe in God?
  5. What are your views about the politics today?
  6. If send 10 decades back in the past, what do you think will be the first thing you would like to do?
  7. How do you like to dress in routine life?
  8. What kind of music do you like to listen?
  9. How often do you like to meet your best friends?
  10. How many kids do you want to have?

Funny Questions To Ask A Girl

funny questions to ask a girl

  1. Have you ever got punished for something that you didn’t do?
  2. What would you do if you find out that you have lost the power of speaking when you wake up tomorrow?
  3. Have you ever dated a guy for selfish motive?
  4. Have you ever been caught making out with a girl?
  5. How do you feel when a girl touches you?
  6. Have you ever walked in on a couple making out at some odd place?
  7. Have you ever pulled a prank on your best friend and never told her that it was you?
  8. Have you ever done something so miserable that you literally got grounded or it?
  9. Have you ever seen a guy giving you clear line for hooking up in a public place?
  10. Did you ever fart in public?

Best Questions To Ask A Girl

best questions to ask a girl

There are hundreds of question you may ask her in order to know her very well. However the following questions listed here are best of bests. Hope you will like them.

  1. If you ever have to wish something special, what would it be?
  2. If you are asked to marry anyone on this planet, who would it be whom you would like to marry?
  3. Have you ever been asked to choose among two most important people in your life?
  4. If you get a chance to spend one day like a celebrity, whose life will you choose to live?
  5. What are your fears in life?
  6. What are the qualities that you appreciate in people?
  7. What are the bad habits that you desperately want to get rid of?
  8. State some fascinating things about yourself?
  9. How comfortable are you if left alone in an isolated island?
  10. Who is that one person without whom you can’t imagine your life?

You want suggestions on questions to ask a girl, we will serve you plenty. In the above content, I have categorized different kinds of questions that can help you to get to know her better. Starting from the first meeting to the time when she becomes your girlfriend, girls always expect from you to come up with topics of healthy discussion.

With your girlfriend, you can talk on naughty stuff. For that, you can refer good questions to ask to your girlfriend. For general talks, you can find plenty of fascinating suggestions above.

So, check out my compilation of suggestions and leave yours in the comment section below. Have a happy chatting time!