Best Questions to Ask Your Crush and Ways to Get Them Like You

Jun 05
Guide on Questions to Ask Your Crush and Ways to Get Them Like You

You must have never thought but crush can too be highly bewildering and competitive. It takes a lot of time and hard work to understand whether your crush feels the same for you or not. Also, you need to do a lot of digging on questions to ask your crush in order to know about them in the best possible way. You could be a girl or a guy but there are certain questions that go same for both the genders.

Your crush could be your long time friend but when you start having feelings for the other person, the questions reasonably changes. Its because you are trying to move into the next phase of your life and thus it is significant to ask right question at right time.

So here in this comprehensive post on Dealing with you crush , I will be giving you a brief on the questions to ask your crush and how to talk to your crush and make your crush like you. So let’s go ahead and hit the questions:

20 Questions To Ask Your Crush

Questions To Ask Your Crush

1. What are your interests?

Well, this could be the most conventional question but it will illustrate their interests and you will get to know them better. That is why it is quite important to ask about the interests of your crush. It is among the few things to talk about with your crush.

2. What do you expect out of the person you date?

What do you expect out of the person you date

When you in love with someone, you want to be just like the person they fancy to date. Thus it makes this question equally important to ask. This way you will get to know on what are you are getting yourself into.

3. Is there anyone around in your circle that you think is best to be dated?

This is a curious question. It is also kind of a direct question as well. You better know how to study expressions because that is the first thing that will appear on your crush’s face and you have to learn the answer from those expressions.

4. What are the things that make you most happy?

Of course, you like him so you would definitely want to know the things that make him happy. So just be direct and ask him about those things that make him happy. Don’t forget to keep notes about the same.

5. What do you want from life?

Ambitions are very important to be known. It will give you an idea of the kind of future you can expect with your crush. It is also a deal maker or breaker as you will have to decide from the answer from your crush.

6. Have you ever dated someone in the past?

questions to ask your crush to know them better

Well, this could break your heart though but it is important to know if your crush has ever dated someone else or not. But at the same time, it is important to have answer to this question.

7. Tell me something about your family?

It is more like a girly question as they are more into collecting information about the family of their crush. Plus it is a considerable question that will help you in understanding the kind of family your boyfriend belongs to.

8. What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

If your crush is ready to tell you about their most embarrassing moment then trust me, they have complete faith in you. Also this will add some humor in your conversations.

9. What is the most memorable moment of your life?

how to talk to your crush-know their good memories

Memories are collectables and if you have strong crush on someone, it will be better if you know what their favorite or most memorable moments are.

10. What is it that you like to do in your free time?

Hobbies once again! But this time, you will be able to get a complete insight on the kind of person your partner is going to be. Whatever they like doing in free time is something that you genuinely needs to know about

11. What are your favorite movies?

This is a very casual question for the most conventional conversation. But this will genuinely tell you about their taste in the movies. So in future, ever you plan a surprise, you can simply get a CD of their favorite movie.

12. Is there anything that you fancy in your life?

This could be a question related to the ambitions once again but the spectrum of this question is larger than just ambitions. If they happen to answer this question, you will get to know all what your crush wants from his/her life.

13. Who are you more close to in your family?

This has to be asked. You need to impress the person you love then you better know who they are most compatible with and who they love the most. It is best to start with the family.

14. How many siblings do you have?

A little sneak peek in your family will only bring the other person closer to you. It is thus highly important to know about the family and siblings of the person you love.

15. What kind of hobbies do you have?

Hobbies say a lot about the person overall personality. That is why it is quite important to know about the hobbies of the person that you want to spend your life with.

16. Are you willing to date someone?

The answer could be yes or no. So if you dare to ask this question, it will be better if you prepare yourself for all kinds of answers. And also it is important to be ready to embrace the answer.

17. Tell me the one thing that you like the most about me?

know how to talk to your crush

Get ready to hear the most intense things about yourself from someone who matters the most to you. It could be a nice set of things or something harsh to listen.

18. What are the accomplishments of your life by far?

They will really blab about it. Accomplishments are something that are meant to be blabbed about. For whatever small or long list of accomplishments that your crush has, they will love to talk about those.

19. What’s the most romantic thing that you have done for your ex?

Of course you want an insight on the romantic side of your crush. And why not, this will help you in increasing or decreasing your romantic expectations from the future love of your life.

20. Why did you and your ex broke up?

You need to understand the reason on why your crush broke up with their ex. This will also help you in understanding certain things that you must not do when you date them.

There are a lot more questions to know more about your crush. But I guess you will find our listed questions useful. If needed more you may also find hundreds of them in Google search.

How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You- 10 Most important signs

How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You

It has always been very critical to comprehend, whether or not your crush likes you the way you like them. That is why I have seen many people baffling around with a question on “how to know if your crush likes you”. Believe me, it is not easy to understand because people might want you to initiate and ask them out. That is why they could suppress their feelings in front of you so that you remain clueless. But let me tell you a secret, there are certain methods that can help you to assimilate feelings of your crush about you.

Do you wanna know? Let’s see:

Here, we have discussed 10 key points to discover whether your crush likes you or not but We have 2 broad post on Signs that a guy likes you and another on Signs that a Girl likes you. You can read them for even better ideas.

1. Their anxiety on the fact that you are keeping male friends say a lot!

After all, anxiety of a person says a lot about what is going on inside him/her. Have you ever felt that the person you like feels acts strange or weird when he sees you with other guys? If you haven’t done that yet then I suggest you should start noticing it. If he asks you questions such as how do you know him, why were you so cheerful with him, blah, blah, blah; then it is a straight clue that he doesn’t like your involvement with any guy other than him. And bingo, here is the jackpot. He is in love with you

2. Interest in spending time together does matter.

How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You

If you are a guy, crushing on a girl then you must notice if she is longing to spend as much time with you as possible or not. Girls have the tendency to store their feelings and keep them to themselves. That is why it takes a long time for men to understand what she feels. That is why I suggest that you cross-check her attitude towards spending time with you. If she is literally possessive about those hours when you were to meet her then she is trying to tell you in her own way that she is totally into you.

3. They just find any random reason just to talk to you.

People who fancy each other always try to find out a reason to talk to you. And when you take a break from the routine conversation, they start getting restless. So you can also look for such attribute and if you end up finding that he/she wants to spend their whole time with you then you must stop looking answers on how to tell if your crush likes you and consider it positive.

4. The eye contact says a lot on how they feel about you.

You just have to be very smart to understand the reaction of other person when you are trying to make eye contact. This is one definite reason that will illustrate your crush’s feelings for you.

5. Even when they touch you, can say a lot on how they feel about you.

the way they touch you means a lot whether they loves you

Touch always feels sensational and mesmerizing. But do you touch your crush more or he does. This is something that will help in unfolding his feelings in front of you. If he likes you then he will try his best to make optimum contact with you. It could be trying to pat on your hand while you two are talking or any other simple gesture. In this way you can get the answer on does your crush likes you.

6. Are they always available to talk to you or even send a Text message?

Be it a call or a text, does it seems like as if he is always just ready to talk to you? If it does then he is totally into you. Guys like responding to the girls but if he don’t feel attached to you then he will never care of calling you back or spontaneously taking your calls. This is where he spread the beans and tell you that he is also equally interested in you.

7. The way they complement you is also a good sign that they like you

Is he/she loaded with romancing and complimenting words for you? Does she/he always take care of how you look like and compliments you a lot? Well then, if they are taking that much interest in you then this is a clear sign that she/he love you.

8. Keep an eye on their efforts to have even a little impression on you.

Sometimes, there are too much efforts that will put you in a certain kind of bewilderment that why someone is going through a lot of trouble to impress you. When you like someone, you kind of keep an eye on all their actions. This is where you can assimilate if the other person feels the same for you or not. Simply see how much effort the other person does to make little things impressive for you.

9. Even silly things seems interesting to them when they like you.

Have you ever observed it is only your crush who laughs at every silly joke that you crack while everyone else just blatantly ignore? This can only happy if the flame of love is also there in her heart for you. Because if not then she will also be among all those people who try to avoid your silly talks. So be very careful about this facet.

10. The level of attention you receive from them does matter.

Level of attention says a lot whether your crush likes you or not

You always plead for some extra attention but when that attention is coming from someone you fancy then it’s nothing better than that. So attention is that one thing that will convey the message of your heart. So be an observer and see what kind of vibes are coming from your crush about you.

How To Get Your Crush To Like You- 20 proven ways

How To Get Your Crush To Like You

So guys, are you still battling with that one question on how to get your crush to like you or wondering how to talk to your crush then here are some cool suggestions:

1. Be yourself:

Be it a women or a men, people don’t like dating in-genuine guys. You just have to be yourself and present yourself as you are. It is very essential if you genuinely love someone and wants them in your life.

2. Don’t try to overdo:

This is a very creepy thing about different people. You usually forget where you should have stopped. You can never impress anyone if you keep overdoing the things. Try to be very neutral in your attitude. Don’t just start imposing yourself on the other person. So make it certain to not overdo anything if you want to attract your crush.

3. Talk genuine stuff:

It good to be witty and genuine while you talk to anyone. When you are genuine in your talks, you can expect to be responded more genuinely. So while discussing something with your crush, never blab about yourself or fake your personality.

4. Try to take extra interest:

It is a general nature of every human being that no one likes to talk to people who are least interested in their conversation. That is why it is highly important that you take some extra interest while communicating to other person. This will make them fall in love with you for sure.

5. Show compassion:

It is another way to impress your crush. When you have compassion for others in your life then you will definitely be considered. This is not something that you can act or fool other person with. You genuinely have to be compassionate.

6. Be committing:

serious and genuine people like to be among the lot that is highly dependable and committing. So this is what you will have to do, you just have to show her the side where she knows she can completely depend upon you with her life.

7. Make her smile:

Girls are very selective about the people with whom they spend their time. If you know how to make her smile then you are surely among the list of choicest people with whom she would love to spend some time.

8. Be Cheerful:

Impressing someone is an art. You cannot do the deed with a gloomy face. People like to be around people who are cheerful and full of life. So if you don’t have these traits then I suggest you better start acting cheerful or else she will never be able to be with you.

9. Start a Topic:

There are plenty of things to say to your crush. It could be a general topic or a random discussion. So you should be the one to start a conversation. Make sure you pick the topics where she can participate as much as you do.

10. Invite her to your parties:

It is the most appealing way to impress your crush. All you have to do is to invite them over your parties with a bunch of your besties. Make sure your friends are very welcoming. And then you just have to give some extra attention to your crush so that they know that they are special.

11. Be welcoming:

When you allow other person to give their opinion over your life’s decisions they feel considered and obliged. This gives them a little contribution in your life and eventually it will lead to impressing the person you love.

12. The Power of Listening:

People feel highly considered when you listen to them. This is a fact that listening is a powerful tool to impress someone. So develop this attribute if you really want to impress someone in your life.

13. Confidence:

Confidence is the key to success. You can win any person’s heart if you confident on your doings. Therefore, you need to make certain that whenever you communicate with other person, be very confident on what you are saying.

14. Dress Impressively:

When it was me and my husband was on a mission to impress me, he uses to dress very impressively each day. So I technically fall for his good looks and super dressing style. It actually works guys. If you dress nicely then there is a 80% chance that the other person will fall in the trap.

15. Adopt her Likings:

Adapt their likings to make your crush like you

If she is interested in you then she will surely mention her likings and dislikes. So all you have to do is to adopt her likes and try to impress her by being the person that she would love to be with.

16. Smile:

smile to make your crush like you

Smile at your crush as if your world is very happy due to his/her presence. Everyone love when you give them a smile on whatever she/he talk to you. It kind of make them feel important in your life.

17. Make her feel Trusted:

She will feel more connected to you if you share your secrets with her. This way, you can strengthen your bond with her that can result in a beautiful relationship with your crush.

18. Be her best friend:

Be her best friend

Every girl is not looking for a new relationship. So best that you can do is to be her friend. Friendship is the finest way to commence a relationship. Once you become her best friend, she will automatically start getting closer to you.

19. Surprise her with gifts:

Surprise her with gifts

If she is your friend then you should never think of buying her flowers. I suggest chocolates can work fine. You can just cheer her up or give her whatever she likes for no reason. Trust me, she is going to keep it in account.

20. Be Flirty:

I once heard this very witty dialog- Flirting is like Yoga, its good for health. Actually, it is the best outlet to tell what you feel to the other person in a hilarious way. In this way, they will be left puzzled whether or not you like them actually.

Final Words

So people, now when we have reached at the end of this article, you might understand questions to ask your crush and how to know if your crush likes you? We usually fall in love but it is difficult to illustrate your feelings to someone. The above mentioned questions and other details on how to make your crush like you will help you in many potential ways. Try out the surprising advises that I suggested earlier in this article and adopt them in your life to impress the crush of your life.