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Jun 19

9 Tips for Long Distance Dating During Quarantine


If you’re looking to keep the spark going in your relationship while in isolation then check out our tips for long distance dating during the quarantine. Going into quarantine due to the recent pandemic means going through big changes in your life. This is especially true when you are in a relationship. If you’ve gotten […]

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Jan 07

9 Cool Engagement Ring Ideas You Didn’t Think About

Cool Engagement Ring Ideas You Didn't Think About

According to one survey, December is the most popular time of the month to propose.  Fourteen percent of people who answered the survey said that they wait until the end of the year to pop the most important question of their lives.  Are you trying to have a unique engagement? Read this article to learn […]

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Aug 15

The Runner and the Chaser: Signs You’re in a Karmic Relationship

The Runner and the Chaser: Signs You're in a Karmic Relationship

We’ve all been a part of or known someone who was in a relationship that was on and off, back and forth, yet undeniably filled with love.  These relationships, while tumultuous, are extremely valuable and difficult to deny ourselves. The type of relationship above is what could be described as a karmic relationship.  When you […]

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Jan 26

10 Questions You Should Avoid on the First Date

first date

First dates can be nerve-wracking. And nerves sadly can make us say things we’d usually never say when talking to someone we’ve just met. Some questions can come across as offensive, inappropriate, and just plain creepy. Here’s why you should avoid these 10 questions on your first date: “Where do you live?” “Did you lie […]

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Jun 28

Cute Relationship Quotes to Share with Your Beloved One

Cute Relationship Quotes to Share with Your Beloved One- featured image

Love is an amazing feeling. I remember when I first felt love, it was magical. Suddenly, the whole world starts to appear special to you and you can’t stop smiling when you think of them. Often, this makes you feel like finding romantic things to say to your partner or cute relationship quotes to share with […]

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Jun 25

Sweet & Cute Things to Say to your Boyfriend

cute things to say to your boyfriend featured image

It is a common thing among all the women, to make people around them feel special. It is said that fate plays a large role in life and you can’t control it, but women have a tendency to make things happen with intuition and love alone. Making people smile and feel loved is a top priority for women […]

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Jun 22

Questions to ask a Girl-Good way to discover Your Girlfriend

questions to ask a girl featured image

Making a conversation is an art. It needs 2 people with different interests. When you make conversation, you basically take a sneak peek in their life, discover their tastes and preferences and understand their basic nature. What questions to ask a girl is a completely important thing. If you don’t know the kind of question […]

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