5 Secret Home Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Mar 27
Secret Home Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Spring is here, and it is the time of the year that we all dread the most because we have to do something cumbersome called cleaning. Not all of us are professional cleaners and housekeepers, and thus, springtime cleaning can be a headache for most. From a cluttered room to scum-filled bathrooms and stinky disposer, there are too many things to clean and too little time to do it all. Does that mean cleaning is impossible? No! Here are five secret tips from the pros named Calibre Cleaning house cleaning that can help make your home spick and span:

Cleaning Before Cleaning

The proverb “prevention is better than cure” is very much applicable when it comes to cleaning homes. An effective clean-up starts before the D-day with healthy habits. For instance, get rid of the scum in the bathroom by regularly wiping the walls after a shower and using oil-based soaps that leave fewer stains. 

Vacuum Before Cleaning

When you clean bathroom, it is not uncommon to find a ball of hair sticking to your scrub or sponge. Avoid the situation by vacuuming the room when dry before taking out the cleaning liquids. However, don’t limit the use to bathroom, make it a point to vacuum before you clean any of the room, even the garage. Moreover, using a vacuum cleaner at the rest of your house before cleaning can prevent dust from flying around and save you from anxiety. However, do remember to clean the cleaner before and after use to avoid clogging.

Toilet Cleaners for Garbage Bins

Cleaning a garbage bin is disgusting, but necessary to avoid a stinky house. However, the insides will be dirty, and all of the grime sticks to the sides without having any intention to come off. Nevertheless, you cannot give up on cleaning, and a toilet cleaner can help you with it. Liquid cleaner is strong enough to clean the grub off the sides of the bin. Additionally, a toilet brush can come in handy when scrubbing.

Clean that Vinyl

Vinyl floors and siding are easy to stain. However, it not always easy to get rid of those stains. Tree sap or heel marks on vinyl, in fact, can be such a headache without the right technique. Professionals suggest that you clean the sap off the siding as soon as possible. If you are unsuccessful for some reasons, then citrus cleaner is the best to use. For shoe scuff marks or stubborn heel stains, a clean, dry tennis ball or Isopropyl alcohol is your savior. 

The Odor Cleaners

Odors can be a turn-off at homes. However, with magical substances like baking soda, an odor free home can now be a reality. Moreover, skin peel of citrus fruits like lemons and oranges along with some ice cubes can clean that dirty, stinky disposer. Additionally, you can use baking soda with vinegar to clean the stubborn bake stains in your oven. Cleaning is, most definitely, not the favorite thing to do for most. However, with these five tips, hopefully, you will have a better experience this time around.