Is a Fitbit Worth it to Buy? 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Owning One

Sep 25
Is a Fitbit Worth it to Buy

Are you getting your heart rate up at least two and a half hours per week to meet the minimum adult exercise recommendations? If you wear a Fitbit around your wrist, you can check in on your physical activity easily to make sure you’re getting in that exercise.

Is a Fitbit worth it? That depends on your attitude about exercise and what motivates you to reach your fitness goals. It won’t suddenly make you an exercise fanatic, but it can help you stay motivated.

Fitbits do more than just count your steps. They serve up a range of health data, from your quality of sleep to your heart rate. That info can help you take control of your health.

Explore these benefits of buying a Fitbit to see if you need one on your wrist.

1. Personal Accountability

It’s easy to skip workouts or forget when you last exercised. Wearing a Fitbit all the time forces you to be honest with yourself about your habits. It gives you concrete data to show how you’re doing with exercise and other health aspects. 

You can also use the Fitbit to keep you accountable when working toward fitness goals. The Fitbit app lets you set goals for activity, exercise, food, sleep, water, and weight. Seeing the stats the Fitbit gathers helps hold you accountable in working toward those goals.

The Fitbit gives you real-time data, which helps you stay on top of your goals. If you see that you’re coming up short on your active periods, you can adjust and get in more movement. If you haven’t had any water all day, you know you need to start drinking up.

2. Motivation to Exercise More

Is your exercise motivation running a little low? Seeing your steps, heart rate, and other exercise stats can give you a little nudge to beat your own record. It’s a constant reminder to keep active, which can help you get more exercise.

The immediate feedback can give you a reason to celebrate when you do well. Feeling accomplished can have a positive effect on other aspects of your fitness journey, motivating you to keep going to see results faster. It’s also a reminder to get back on track if you slack on your workouts.

Keep in mind that the Fitbit won’t force you to exercise. It might remind you to be active, but you still need the desire to be active to make it happen. If you find yourself doing anything to get out of exercise, wearing a Fitbit won’t change that mentality.

3. Stylish Tracking Method

Fitness and fashion go together with the Fitbit. It’s a sleek bracelet tracker that comes in a variety of styles to fit your preferred look. You can wear it discretely all day long without it standing out as bulky or unattractive.

Fitbits also give you the option to swap out the bands to change or personalize the look. You’ll find band replacements in a range of styles from casual to dressier in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. You can change the band on your Fitbit Versa from Mobile Mob to switch up the look. 

4. Social Connections

Connecting with other friends who have Fitbits adds a social aspect to getting fit. You can see what you’re friends are doing, and they can see your activity. It’s a great way to encourage one another to stay active and push harder.

You can even set up your own Fitbit challenge with your friends. See who can get in the most steps in a day or week. That friendly competition can encourage you to get in a few extra steps throughout the day.

5. Workout Modification Information

A Fitbeat with heart rate information helps you increase or decrease the intensity of your workout to stay within your desired zone. It can be tough to gauge how much exertion you’re giving without a tracker. The heart rate feedback lets you constantly make adjustments throughout your workout.

Your target heart rate depends on your goals for your workout. 

Fat-burning workouts typically happen with moderate-intensity exercise at about 50 to 69 percent of your maximum heart rate. If you want to build muscle and cardiovascular strength, aim for 70 to 84% of your max heart rate. High-intensity workouts come in at 85 percent of your max heart rate and higher, and those workouts can improve your performance and speed.

If you don’t have a Fitbit, you either need to gauge based on how you feel, which can be inaccurate, or periodically take your pulse. Manual checks can interrupt your workout. The feedback from your Fitbit is automatic and much easier with no interruption in your exercise.

6. Automatic Workout Tracking

Manually tracking your workouts takes up precious time, and you’re likely to forget at least a few of your exercise sessions. A Fitbit automatically logs all of your physical activity without any extra work from you.

That record comes in handy when you want to see your progress. You can look back at steps taken, distance covered, and other details about your workouts. It shows your growth and helps you continue pushing to increase your endurance.

7. Encourages Sleep and Other Health Habits

Exercise is only one part of being healthy, and your Fitbit can help you track other elements, such as sleep. Adequate sleep supports your brain function, heart health, hormone balance, immunity, and alertness. It can also affect your weight.

Fitbits can track your sleep, including how long you spend in each sleep stage, via heart rate monitoring and motion detectors. That information helps you look at your sleep habits and make adjustments to get better rest. 

You can also track your food consumption and water intake on your Fitbit. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight or improve your overall health. It becomes a comprehensive health tool with lots of information stored in one place.

Is a Fitbit Worth It?

If you’re asking yourself, “Is a Fitbit worth it?” it really comes down to your personal motivation and reasons for using a fitness tracker. Consider how important the benefits are to you and if they’ll help you on your health journey before making the purchase. Then, check out our health and fitness posts to learn more useful information to improve your health.