This Or That Questions For Fun Loving People

May 17
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There are many kinds of question games that can be played by people to spice up a party or to add some entertainment in a party. This or that questions game is one of the favorite games of every youngster as it offers them a chance to know more about other people. If you are willing to initiate a relationship with someone, this game might give you a perfect chance to get involved with the other person in the best possible way.

Technically this game is based on a sole agenda and that is to bring people close to each other. It can be played among two people when they ask some random questions with two different options and one of the given options have to be picked. So the method of playing the game is quite simple. Below we will discuss the purpose of playing this or that questions game and the rules that have to be followed in order to participate.

Purpose Of This or That Questions Game

This or that questions game rules and purposes

We usually don’t know people much that are around us. That is why, this or that questions games gives us a channel to know people more. Also if sometimes when you are feeling bored and want to add some kink in a boring evening, this game will help you in making the day surprisingly well spent. For friends, this game helps only replenishing the kink in their friendship. But when this game is played with strangers, you will get to know them better. So the purpose is to bring people closer.

Rules Of This Or That Game

This game can be played by minimum of two people and maximum of any number you want. If you are playing this game with a bunch of friends then you just write down two options on a piece of paper and the paper is picked out by the participant. So no matter what the options are, you have to select one among them.

If the game has been played with a bunch of couples then the rules get slightly modified. With each couple, either of the member gets to pick up the slip and among both the options, one is selected. Then same options are given to the other partner and he has to select the option that has been already selected by their partner. If chosen right, the couple gets points and if selected wrong the couple loses points.

So these are the ways how you can play this or that questions game.

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60 Funny And Random This or That Questions

So now we will take a look at some funny and random this or that questions. Let’s see:

60 best this or that questions

  • 1. Witty or mischievous
  • 2. Rich or Kind
  • 3. Standing or sitting
  • 4. Cruel or Abnormal
  • 5. Thirsty or hungry
  • 6. Without head or without legs
  • 7. Chocolate or Muffin
  • 8. Tattoos or piercings
  • 9. Talkative or Subtle
  • 10. Money or Donkey
  • 11. Cars or Girls
  • 12. Crazy or Funky
  • 13. Desperate or Never Getting Anything
  • 14. Chatter or a Liar
  • 15. Satin or Cotton
  • 16. Without eyes or tongue
  • 17. Face Time or IMO
  • 18. Hope or Dismay
  • 19. Audacious or Coward
  • 20. Water or Height
  • 21. Flowers or Chocolates
  • 22. Greetings or Gifts
  • 23. Belly or Sneakers
  • 24. Extra Short or Extra tall
  • 25. Home Maker or Home Breaker
  • 26. Fame or Money
  • 27. Sweet or Beautiful
  • 28. Cheese or Sauce
  • 29. Pizza or Began
  • 30. Liar or Criminal
  • 31. Terrorist or Arrested for a murder
  • 32. Watermelons or Pumpkins
  • 33. Luxury Cars or Jewelry
  • 34. Die of Heart Attack or Get Murdered
  • 35. Sexy or Handsome
  • 36. Beach or Desert
  • 37. Dreamy or Practical
  • 38. Genuine or Manipulative
  • 39. Watch or Shoes
  • 40. Baby Boy or Baby Girl
  • 41. Books or Movies
  • 42. Comedy Movie or Tragedy Movie
  • 43. Careless or Crazy
  • 44. Bungalow or Apartment
  • 45. Dairy or Picture Collection
  • 46. Still Photography or Video Making
  • 47. Green Vegetables or Fruits
  • 48. Ice Water in Winters or Hot Coffee in Summer
  • 49. Ice Cream or Chocolate
  • 50. Vampire Diaries or Originals
  • 51. Snow Fall or Rain
  • 52. Floral or Plain
  • 53. Plane or Ship
  • 54. Writer or a Singer
  • 55. Money or True Love
  • 56. Pet Dog or Pet Rabbit
  • 57. Polar Bear or Kangaroo
  • 58. Deep Thoughts or Feeling less
  • 59. Single Committed Girl or Fling with number of girls
  • 60. Video Chatting or Voice Calling

Final Words

Just like I mentioned earlier, this or that questions game is a perfect way to start a conversation and to get to know more about each other. This game has been doing quite well in bringing people close to each other. Regardless of the kind of general nature you have, these kinds of games always give you an outlet to get involved with other people. I personally encourage people to add this game in their routine parties so that they can strengthen their friend and social circle. More you talk, more you get to know other people and these games give you an ideal chance to talk.