Why a Decluttered Home Makes You Happier

Mar 25
Why a Decluttered Home Makes You Happier

Are you unhappy in your own home? Your unhappiness might be as a result of the messy state of your household. Start fixing it up and you will be surprised to see how fast you begin to feel better. Below are five scientifically proven ways that decluttering your home can improve your happiness and overall outlook on life.

Decluttering Alleviates Depression

You might not know it, but the sight of your messy home puts you in a bad mood. Remaining in such an unhealthy environment will gradually lead you on a downward spiral towards depression. But you can turn things around by decluttering your home. Decluttering helps to combat depression by giving you a feeling of satisfaction as you turn your messy home into a welcoming abode. As your home becomes cleaner and brighter, so your outlook on life will shine.

Decluttering Helps Ease Stress

There is a direct connection between clutter and the release of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone and too much of it in the bloodstream can be unhealthy. By cleaning up clutter, you get to ease your tension and stress and thus reduce cortisol levels in your system. The process of cleaning up can also be therapeutic as focusing on the work at hand puts out of your mind stressful thoughts.

Decluttering will improve Your Ability to Focus

The sight of all the clutter in your apartment can make it hard to focus on something as simple as a book or a video. Your eyes will keep being drawn to the different piles of stuff (garbage), or the roaches flitting in and out between piles. If you are unable to focus and complete tasks, this will lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction that can impede your happiness. Instead of letting clutter hold you back, set yourself free by decluttering. Get in touch with Clean Group office cleaning if you are unable to turn things better and make your life stable again.

Decluttering improves Your Overall Health

You can’t be happy if you are not healthy. A cluttered home creates the perfect hiding places for dirt, mold and also disease carrying pests. Clutter also reduces the air and light quality in your home, which can negatively impact your health.

By decluttering, you will create a cleaner and healthier environment that’s great for your health and will create a fantastic foundation for your emotional wellbeing. With more clean air flowing through your home and more natural light saturating it, you are more likely to have a sunny disposition.

Decluttering Leads Better Eating

A recent study indicated that people living in a messy home are 77% more likely to be overweight. This is because the depressing sight of the messy apartment can drive one to eat more to feel better. By cleaning up your home, you will put yourself in a better state of mind and thus remove the need to try drowning your sorrows with food.

Start decluttering today!

The first step to decluttering is deciding and committing to do it. Procrastination will only hold you back so start now. You don’t have to finish it all today but once you start and beginning seeing improvements, you will be motivated to see the clean up all the way to its satisfying ending.