Would You Rather Questions For Kids & Teens

Dec 21

Here are 50 Would You Rather Questions For Kids That The Teens Would Love As Well

would you rather questions for teens

would you rather questions for teens & Kids

I was out on a picnic when my kids first introduce to me with this game called Would you rather. They were really excited about it. They had these two options for every question asked? The juiciest part was whether you like your options or not, you will have to pick one of them. There are really simple would you rather questions for kids that they answer while turning and twisting their faces cutely. It is really amazing to play this game with the little ones. There are also would you rather questions for teens available online that you can check. Therefore no matter whether your kid is a teen or small in age, both can enjoy this game.

You can enjoy with your kids during car rides or on a picnic. It is an interest generating game. For suggestions, you can discover many would you rather for kids here in my article. These are the questions that I have tried with my kids and they simply love them. You can also try these with your kids and see what they have to say about them.

Here is the list of 50 would you rather questions for kids:

  1. Would You Rather ride on a lion’s back or on elephant’s back?
  2. Would You Rather want to be an astronaut or a scientist?
  3. Would You Rather eat a whole pizza or drink a large bottle of soda alone?
  4. Would You Rather take part in a quiz competition or in a dance competition?
  5. Would You Rather take a bicycle ride or go on a walk with your grandmother?
  6. Would You Rather eat boiled vegetables or drink a large cup of milk without chocolate?
  7. Would You Rather dress up yourself every morning for school or make your bed yourself?
  8. Would You Rather have a fun day with your sister at your grandparent’s house or play with your friends at your house?
  9. Would You Rather have a pet rabbit or pet monkey?
  10. Would You Rather play a prank on your best friend or get surprised by your friend?
  11. Would You Rather cut your nails every week or cut your hair?
  12. Would You Rather be a villain in your favorite movie or the hero of a movie you don’t like much?
  13. Would You Rather catch a butterfly or a squirrel?
  14. Would You Rather feed your pet with a pizza or ice cream?
  15. Would You Rather wear shoes with socks or without socks?
  16. Would You Rather have a huge bungalow in a secluded island or a small apartment in the middle of the city?
  17. Would You Rather like to pet a dinosaur or a dragon?
  18. Would You Rather be a writer or a musician?
  19. Would You Rather spend your time listening to music or reading good books?
  20. Would You Rather drink milk or soda for every meal of the day?
  21. Would You Rather sleep between your parents or have your own room?
  22. Would You Rather eat hamburger for the rest of your life or eat boiled vegetable every night?
  23. Would You Rather go and take a peek in your future or go to your past and see the days when you were born?
  24. Would You Rather learn swimming or dancing?
  25. Would You Rather grow vegetables or fruits in your yard?
  26. Would You Rather make a snowman outside your house or dress up like one and stand outside?
  27. Would You Rather get your homework done from your younger sister or do her’s?
  28. Would You Rather have a casual birthday party or theme birthday party?
  29. Would You Rather eat food when it is served hot or cold?
  30. Would You Rather play game on your mother’s mobile phone or buy a new Playstation?
  31. Would You Rather only eat burgers or ice cream for a month?
  32. Would You Rather have a huge yard without any tree or a small garden with beautiful flowers?
  33. Would You Rather be a power puff girl for a day or Disney?
  34. Would You Rather grow up in a day or become a baby once again?
  35. Would You Rather invite your friend to your house for your birthday party or your favorite restaurant?
  36. Would You Rather have a house in the desert or near sea?
  37. Would You Rather eat everything dressed with chocolate sauce or tomato ketchup?
  38. Would You Rather go to school every day or picnic with your friends?
  39. Would You Rather drive your daddy’s most expensive car without supervision or ask him to buy you a smaller car?
  40. Would You Rather brush your hair every morning before school or brush your teeth?
  41. Would You Rather learn Spanish or French?
  42. Would You Rather learn how to play a piano or guitar?
  43. Would You Rather wear your school uniform on your friend’s birthday or not go at all?
  44. Would You Rather make cake on your mother’s birthday or a card?
  45. Would You Rather sit and watch TV on Christmas Eve or wait for Santa Clause on your terrace?
  46. Would You Rather skip lunch or dinner for a bowl of ice cream?
  47. Would You Rather be strong like your father or sweet like your mother when you grow up?
  48. Would You Rather be a part of Smurf’s world or be Harry Potter for a day?
  49. Would You Rather go on fishing with dad or cook food with mom on a Sunday?
  50. Would You Rather grow up and become your favorite actor or favorite super-hero?

Pretty easy right.. 😎 ??  Wanna try out some hard would you rather questions ?? Alright then go for it. Or you may also take a look on another web post of us on all these would your rather Questions.

Kids have a very sensitive bent of mind.So, you might need to expose them to different things but at the same time, the questions have to be fun so that they spend some time thinking about them.I hope these easy would be rather questions for kids will help you in a massive way.